Since I was a teenager I have been torn between my love of math and my love of art. My first art history class opened my eyes to a fabulous new world and changed my life. Yet, I saw an interesting book in the college bookstore called Discrete Time Systems. What??? That sounded bizarre and intriguing.



Two engineering degrees later I chose a career in medical imaging. I worked in Nuclear Medicine for a length of time and enjoyed the challenge and the travel. While raising my children, I never stopped exploring creative outlets. I painted murals, designed clothes, took print making classes. Then I tried Visual Communication classes.

Now I like to design things. I like to lay things out on a page, or a screen and see how your perception changes when you alter the elements of the design. Two dimensions are fun but I prefer to think in three. I like packaging and maps. I also like color and line and typography. I feel there is a beauty to the math and physics that is part of my background. Now I’m using a different part of my brain.


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